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May 2024
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Vote For The Ball Hall On Prop 724
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The Cdn. Baseball Hall of Fame is one of two finalists for Day 10 of Kraft/TSN 10 cities in 10 day tour as a part of TSN’s 25th anniversary celebration. The ball hall and town of St. Marys are up against Elk Lake.

Both entries want to improve their ball diamonds infrastructure. The prize is $25K to the town/project who gets the most votes, plus Sportcentre (SC) comes to town along with a Kraft party. Voting begins on friday July 24th at NOON and ends saturday July 25th at NOON.

So make sure you go here and VOTE on friday at NOON using the following link.

VOTING is UNLIMITED! So vote for the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and St. Marys as much as you can.

Thanks and hope to see you when SC is in the Stonetown if you can make it out. Every vote will make a difference in this case, so VOTE yes to the Ball Hall on prop 724 on FRIDAY.

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Thank you spammers
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I would like to take the time to thank all of the?lovely folks?who keep sending me posts to put their Viagra, XXX hot teems, pimple/hemroid reduction, hair care, great vacation deals and time shares web sites up on the blog. Is there a theme here, I am a person who seems like they need any of these services? Special thanks now go out to the person I will refer to as Sandra who even after my original post continues to disregard my advice.

It has been so fun having to waste my time deleting all these insightful and productive messages. You wonder why we all do not like you, who would when you waste their time with your products that we do not want. You are becoming as hated if not even more hated then a dentist.

So I say keep up the good work, keep pissing off more people who will one day maybe need your product but not buy from you since you have annoyed them in the past.



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Welcome to Philly’s two cents!

A first significant blog will be up in late 2006 or early 2007.

May your positive actions lead to positive reactions. 


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